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For better or for worse...

Bakura Ryou
2 September
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Name: Bakura Ryou/Ryou Bakura
Age: 23
Birthdate: September 2nd
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: White (yes, it's natural >> <<)
Zodiac: Virgo
Grade: ...Graduated...
Blood Type: AB
Sennen Item: Sennen Ring
Sennen Ring Spirit: Ancient Egyptian Tomb Robber
Family: Younger sister, Amane (deceased), Father
Deck type: Occult
Favorite card: Change of Heart
Favorite game: Monster World
Favorite food: Cream Puffs
Least favourite food: Raw Urchin

Well, I haven't dueled seriously for quite a while... But then again, I never really did, did I? *slight chuckle*

Nothing very interesting has happened the past seven years. I graduated from a university in Japan, majoring in journalism and overall literature. I have recently been offered a temporary job a bit farther away than I'd like to go. So I had to refuse that. Besides, who would take care of my yami while I was gone? o.O

*checks watch* Ah! Well, it seems I've spent a bit too much time here... I must be off now! *waves* But feel free to drop me a line sometime.


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